Taylor Swift just may be the biggest thing in music right now, as her October-released 'Red' continues its reign atop the charts, selling several million copies and earning her a Grammy nomination for Record of the Year with its first single, 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.' It's a foregone conclusion that Swift's star power could have provided a serious boost to the new flick 'Les Miserables,' which landed in the multiplex on Christmas Day. However, the film's producer insists that given the box office receipts, the movie didn't actually need Swift's celebrity -- or anyone else's -- to make a killing.

"We didn’t need it. Les Misérables is the star," producer Cameron Mackintosh told Showbiz411. That much is obviously true, since it has been a smash hit.

Several months ago, Swift auditioned for the role of Eponine, but lost out to Samantha Barks, a relative unknown in a cast populated by A-listers like Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe and Anne Hathaway. The country songbird would have fit right in with those big names, and while the powers-that-be acknowledged that she is talented and not celebrity-like in her behavior, Barks was better suited for the part.

Mackintosh said that Swift "is a lovely woman, and she auditioned, and she was completely un-starry." He added, "And she’s talented. It’s just that actually the requirements of that role were better fitted by Sam."

While it would have been nice to see Swift return to the big screen, we'll just have to wait for a better-suited role to roll around. Unfortunately, despite rumors, Swift said back in October that she's not actually confirmed to portray Joni Mitchell in a biopic as rumored. In the meantime, there's always her dramatic, out-of-left-field 'I Knew You Were Trouble' video to tide us over.