Annual Big Country Pet Adoption is March 28th and 29th
The Abilene Animal Shelter, Rescue the Animals and several big country rescue organizations are putting on a huge "Spring Pet Adoption". Every dog, cat, kitten and puppy within 19 counties will be at the Shops of Abilene parking lot, March 28th and 29th. Here's more details.
Video Proof of Cats Stealing Dog Food and Intimidating Dogs
My wife Donna thinks it's funny when the cats steal the dogs food. However, if you reverse the roles and have the dogs steal the cats food, then it's not funny anymore. I recently discovered through this video, that a cat stealing a dogs food is a common occurrence and most folks find it h…
Cat is Completely Fascinated With a Vacuum Cleaner Hose
Now, I don't know about your cats but mine freak out and run under the bed when I turn on the vacuum. Not this cat though, he seems to be incredibly intrigued by the whole thing. Check out this cat as he/she plays with a vacuum cleaner hose. He makes noises with his tongue, puts his face agains…

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