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Larry Gatlin and Billy Dean
Larry Gatlin of "Gatlin Brothers" fame and country singer/songwriter Billy Dean wrote a song out of anger. Larry says that Johnny Cash once told him "if something makes you mad enough, you'll damn sure write a song about it." The song is called "An American With A Remington" written out of their anger about the recent ISIS beheadings. Check it out.
Billy Dean Releases New Song ‘I Can’t Leave A Good Thing’
Billy Deans musical career has spanned more than eighteen years and he's served us up twelve albums with eleven 'Top 10' songs. Now the former Floridian is back in the thick of things with a new album and a brand new single release. The new song is called 'I Can't Leave A Good Thing' from the album 'A Man Of Good Fortune.' After hearing it for the first time, I say "Where have you been Billy
Billy Dean’s Barn Destroyed in Fire
Early ’90s hitmaker Billy Dean received horrible news while on tour with Kenny Rogers shortly before Christmas. His 1,500-square foot barn burned to the ground after a fire started on Dean Acres, his farm in Smithville, Tenn., a small town located 65 miles east of Nashville.
Billy Dean Promotes Local Farming with New Album, ‘The Seed’
It’s been awhile since Billy Dean released some new music — and even longer since he tasted the kind of chart success he enjoyed with his first few albums in the early ’90s — but he’s making plans to change all that. Dean has partnered with the Naturipe Farms collective for a series of new recordings, starting with a digital EP that’s currently available on iTunes). He also has plans for a full al