Fans of breakout UK country star Sasha McVeigh shouldn't have to wait much longer for new music. The singer-songwriter tells The Boot an EP is coming soon, with a full album planned for this fall.

McVeigh -- who last released an album in 2015 -- has already begun playing her new music for live audiences. She says she's excited for more even fans to hear what she's been working on, though.

"We've been trying out the songs on tour, which I love, and the fans seem to be responding really well to them," she shares. "[This new project] was all funded on Kickstarter, [like the first album was], so it's fan funded."

McVeigh adds that one of the most exciting changes from her last album to this one is the fact that she had more control of the music this time around: "Most of the songs on this record I wrote by myself," she points out. "[In that sense], it was totally different from other stuff that I've done. So I'm just really excited for it to be out!"

When McVeigh spoke to The Boot during the 2018 Taste of Country Music Festival and Country Jam 2018 in June, her album was in the mixing stage -- "always the longest stage of things," she admitted. She's anxious to get the new songs officially out to her fans.

"I'm just like, 'Come on!'" she says with a laugh. "'We need it finished!'"

Still, the country singer is wary of putting anything new out before it's ready: "My biggest thing is that I don't wanna rush it. I want to give us plenty of time to get it set up," she continues. "We're hoping for a release in July, but we'll see what happens."

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