Sarah Darling's latest single, 'Home to Me,' is the perfect listen for lovers. In fact, it's such a romantic tune that it scored the country singer some face time on the upcoming season of 'The Bachelor.' Hoping to impress one of the contestants, the bachelor himself tried to romance his date at a Sarah Darling concert.

According to Country Music Is Love, an insider announced that Darling's concert in Whitefish, Mont. was captured by cameras and will be shown on an upcoming episode of the show. This season's "bachelor" is Sean Lowe, who was actually sent home on the last season of 'The Bachelorette.' While Darling put on a beautiful rendition of 'Home to Me,' a concertgoer snagged footage (below) of Lowe dancing with his potential future wife.

Somehow, Lowe and the mystery woman ended up dancing together on a platform... with everyone looking on. We'll have to wait until the new season airs in January to see how the date turned out!

As for Darling, exposure on 'The Bachelor' can only be a good thing. The country singer has been on the go touring and promoting her newest single lately. Recently, she announced that she'll be releasing a new album in 2013, so she's likely trying to squeeze in studio time on top of everything else. Face time on one of TV's hottest shows will come just in time to promote her album's release.

Watch 'The Bachelor' Dance at a Sarah Darling Concert