The Abilene area has produced quite a few professional athletes over the years. Some you know and some you probably haven't heard of before. Regardless, we do a pretty dang good job of churning out pro athletes here in the Big Country.

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In recent history, we've seen the likes of John Lackey, Case Keenum, and Colt McCoy but we've also bred some pros from back in the day, like Sammy Baugh, Bill Sharman, and Bob Lilly.

While there are a bunch of famous people from the Abilene area, I'm most impressed with the famous pro athletes that we've had come from here. As a huge sports fan, it's always been cool seeing these guys around town at times.

So take a few minutes to check out the gallery, below, of the pro athletes that have come from the Abilene area. How many of them have you met?

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Due to the fact that the Abilene area constantly churns out amazing athletes, I'm sure this list will continue to grow. If there are any that we might have missed, please let me know so we can update this article.

Being that many of these athletes are still alive, there's a good chance you might bump into them around town, so don't forget to ask for an autograph or selfie. Heck, you might even get bailed out by one, Billy Olson. Also, Charles Coody owns Diamondback Golf Course, locally, so grab your clubs and go shoot around.

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