Songwriter Jeff Hyde is preparing to release an album of his own in February, but The Boot's readers can get an early listen to one of its songs. Press play below to hear "Cold."

"Cold" was co-written by Hyde and Luke Dick. The pair, along with Eric Church, co-wrote two songs on Church's newest album, 2015's Mr. Misunderstood, but this song came out of their first-ever writing session together. Hyde's publisher, Arthur Buenahora, set up the writing appointment.

"I was up late the night before wood-shedding, trying to find an idea that was outside the box enough to write with this guy who I had researched online just enough to know he was an eccentric," Hyde recalls to The Boot. "I must've said a prayer for a great idea, because that's what I often do when I'm feeling like I'm all written out, and I think God answered that night."

By the time Hyde got to his writing session with Dick, he'd assembled a melody and pieces of the chorus and a verse. Dick dug what he'd put together, and they completed "Cold," Hyde remembers, "on Luke's back porch while smokin' cigars in the August heat."

"Cold" is one of 10 tracks on Hyde's solo debut album, Norman Rockwell World, due out on Feb. 23. Ryan Tyndell produced the project.

Originally from Marshall, Texas, Hyde says he always knew he wanted to be a songwriter. He moved to Nashville in 2001 to pursue that dream.

Listen to Jeff Hyde's "Cold"

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