Los-Angeles based singer-songwriter Jason Hawk Harris is preparing to release his debut album this fall, but he's giving The Boot's readers a sneak peek. Press play above to hear "I'm Afraid" and see Harris and his band perform the track.

"I'm Afraid" was originally on Harris' debut solo EP, which dropped in November, and will likely appear on that forthcoming album. The song is inspired by a story one of Harris' friends told him about his childhood: The friend's devout Catholic mother had placed a photo of Jesus Christ, bloody from his crucifixion, over his bed. As a young child, the friend confessed, that scared him more than the potential of a monster under the bed.

After founding the alt-folk band the Show Ponies, Harris began his solo career with the release of his Formaldehyde, Tobacco and Tulips EP. He describes his solo music as "Americountry" and "electrified rockicana" -- basically, a mix of country, Americana and rock. His debut solo album is recorded, but its release date has yet to be announced.

This summer, Harris is on the road with Sarah Shook & the Disarmers. Fans can visit JasonHawkHarris.com for more information on Harris and his music.

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