Dating in Abilene can sometimes be difficult unless you frequent bars or bible studies. So what is there to do on date night that doesn't involve getting hammered by tequila or hypocrites?

Well, there's quite a bit, actually. Keep reading and I'll show you some really cool places to check out on your next date night here in the Big Country.

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We've all heard how Abilene is so boring and there's nothing to do here. Well, that used to be true, but times are least somewhat.

There's nothing wrong with going to the bar, but if that's the only place you take a date then you won't be dating long...and the same goes for bible studies. Besides, no one wants to study on a date unless it's a study date.

If you have a suggestion for this list, please send me an email. I'm always looking for ways to add more while also helping you guys out on your next date.

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From axe throwing to a drive-in movie, there's quite a bit to do in our area. Now if you want to show your adventurous side, take your date to one of the following restaurants that are located in the Big Country, but outside of Abilene.

Delicious Big Country Restaurants Outside of Abilene

There's so much more to the Big Country than just Abilene. That means there are a ton of delicious restaurants outside of Abilene that you should try.

Speaking of chowing down on a date, if the two of you are competitive eaters then try one of our local buffets.

All-You-Can-Eat Buffets in the Abilene Area