Dolly Parton has such a sassy sense of humor, she's even open to whole-heartedly accepting the fact that she picked up a "trashy" costume for Halloween. Everyone's favorite country superstar played along with pushy TMZ interviewers recently as they prodded her about her purchase.

The site caught the singer outside of Matteo's restaurant in Los Angeles, where they asked her what she bought at the legendary custom lingerie store Trashy Lingerie earlier in the week. She joked -- maybe -- that it was her Halloween costume, presumably a sexy pirate, which leaves plenty to the imagination.

"We have fun at Halloween," Parton declared, as she held onto her lady lumps. Hey now!

When asked about the measurements on her costume -- given her famous assets and notorious curves -- she was game for more fun, answering honestly, "Oh I don't know, don't ask me that. I have two pumpkins... that's all I care about."

The short-but-sweet exchange proves that Parton has a wicked sense of humor and doesn't take herself too seriously, especially when being hounded by a gossip site.

Whatever Parton ends up wearing next week, we're sure she will look utterly fabulous -- pumpkins and all.

Watch Dolly Parton Talk About Her 'Trashy' Halloween Costume