In March, newcomer Dillon Carmichael released "It's Simple," a Dave Cobb-produced single that's the first taste of his forthcoming album, Route 152. Written by Carmichael with Chris Rogers, Larry McCoy and Neal Coty, "It's Simple" features an impressive list of players (Robby Turner on pedal steel, Chris Powell on drums, Brian Allen on bass, among others) and was recorded at Nashville's historic RCA Studio A.

Below, Carmichael recalls to The Boot the day he and his co-tunesmiths penned "It's Simple." The song, he says, really was simple to write, because they were all talking about what they knew growing up.

When I wrote “It’s Simple,” I was at a publishing company in Berry Hill. I remember talking about my little town and how things were so simple there. My co-writers are also from small towns, so they could relate full-heartily.

We decided to write this one for our little towns. It came about fairly quickly. It seems that when you are speaking with pure truth and soul, it kind of just falls out ... The point is, it's the simple things that really matter in the end.

My favorite line in "It's Simple" is "Home is that place in your heart." I relate to this line so much because no matter where I go, my home is in Kentucky. Kentucky is still always very much in my heart and my mind.

Dave was great to work with. Most people don't realize that Dave Cobb plays guitar on all his albums ... Dave is the best acoustic guitar player I have ever heard. He is a supporter of authenticity, and it is 110 percent about the art. Also, his workspace [RCA Studio A] is the most comfortable place to work ...

Dillon Carmichael Says Penning "It's Simple" Was One of His Favorite Songwriting Moments

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