Blake Shelton is a 6-foot, 5-inch tease. On Tuesday, the ‘God Gave Me You’ singer tweeted about big news, but deflected any guesses and assured fans that wife Miranda Lambert is not pregnant.

“Just received news that is so cool it supersedes any award, hit song, platinum album, sold out tour or TV show!! What a year… What a year!” Shelton said on his Twitter page. He’s yet to further explain himself, but his followers did get a few chuckles out of fan guesses.

“BABY?!” one fan guessed. “Ha! Ha! I knew y’all would think that that… No, but it is about her!!!!!” Shelton tweeted back. That was the most popular guess, and Shelton took time to respond to more than a few similar inquiries.

“Is Miranda pregnant?????” one fan asked, to which Shelton replied, “Ha! Ha! For sakes NO!!!! We don’t touch each other anyway!!!! Ha!”

“You don’t touch your wife?” a fan tweeted after that. “Oh hell no… We’re married!!!!” Shelton joked.

“Are you gonna be a daddy?” another fan chimed in. “No… But you can call me daddy,” Shelton shot back.

Our guess is that Shelton may have learned that he and Lambert’s separate record labels have agreed on a way to allow the couple’s duet on ‘Red River Blue’ to be released as a single. The pair come together on the title track, and Shelton has expressed his frustration with Nashville politics keeping the song down. In some ways, Lambert being pregnant with triplets seems more likely.

Of course, Shelton could just be pulling our leg. The tweet that proceeded this conversation makes one wonder if he was up to no good: “If the first step is admitting I have problem then here goes…. My drink is empty!!!!!!!”