Axel Foley, meet Alpa Chino.  A little over a month ago we heard that CBS was looking to develop a new TV series based on the classic 'Beverly Hills Cop' franchise, not a re-boot or an adaptation mind you, but an all-new series focusing on the legendary police officer's son!  And while the jury's still out on whether or not Eddie Murphy would reprise his iconic character for the TV series, we've just learned that 'Tropic Thunder' star Brandon T. Jackson may be our new, younger 'Beverly Hills Cop,' Aaron Foley!

In today's modern landscape of TV and movie re-boots, one prospect that certainly stands out is CBS and Eddie Murphy's development of a potential 'Beverly Hills Cop' TV series, one which would focus on the offspring of Murphy's character Axel Foley, Aaron.  According to Humor Mill Magazine, the role has been all-but-cast with comedian, rapper, and actor Brandon T. Jackson!  The 'Big Momma's House 3' star has yet to be confirmed for the role, but remains in final negotiations as the favored choice.

Produced by Eddie Murphy and 'The Shield' producer Shawn Ryan, the forthcoming 'Beverly Hills Cop' series has a pilot production commitment and follows Axel Foley’s son Aaron Foley working to  “take down the criminal elements of the rich and famous, while simultaneously trying to escape the shadow of his larger than life father.”  It's presumed that Murphy himself will have at least some role on the show, reprising the role of Axel.

What say you?  Do you think Brandon T. Jackson fits as our new 'Beverly Hills Cop?'  Will you check out the new series, or shove a banana in its tailpipe?